How to choose the right toys for your cat’s age and activity level?

As a cat owner, we all know how important it is to keep our feline friends happy and entertained. However, with so many toys available in the market, choosing the right one for your cat’s age and activity level can be overwhelming. You don’t want to end up wasting money on toys that gather dust in the corner or worse, endanger your furry companion’s safety.

But fret not! In this blog post, we will guide you through everything you need to know about selecting the best toy for your beloved kitty based on their age and energy level, ensuring hours of fun-filled playtime while keeping them safe and engaged! So let’s dive into it together!

What to consider when choosing a toy for your cat

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When choosing a toy for your cat, be sure to consider their age and activity level. Some of the best toys for cats include small plush toys, laser pointers, and new interactive catnip toys with bells and whistles. If your cat is older or less active, consider softer options like a blanket or stuffed animal.

Finally, make sure to select a toy that your cat will enjoy playing with. Some of the best toys for cats include those that are small and soft, have a bells and whistles, or can be batted around.

Recommended age ranges for toys

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If you’re ever wondering what age your cat should be before giving them a new toy, there isn’t one definitive answer. However, following some general guidelines can help make the decision easier:

pets4life recommends that cats fewer than 6 months old do not play with balls or other objects that could potentially cause injury. At six months of age, kittens become able to explores their world more fully and are more likely to enjoy toys with bells and other small sounds. Cats older than six months may still enjoyment chasing moving objects but should not be given large plush toys as they can injure their teeth.

Bethlehem Animal Shelter suggests that owners wait until their pet rat is about 12 weeks old before giving it a new toy. This is because young rats are developmentally ready for lots of new activity and Toy materials at this age will not harm them. Older rats should start getting regular exercise by playing with appropriate sized toys such as Birdie Buddies, Kongs and Yubiks instead of Tug Toys which can become dangerous if ingested.

There is no set age at which your cat should stop playing, as the ideal toy for each individual pet may vary. Toys that can be batted around, chewed on and played with by cats of all ages make for hours of fun.

Types of activity your cat may enjoy

There are many different types of activity your cat may enjoy. Whether they prefer to play chase or sit and watch you work on the computer, there is a toy that will interest them. Here are five popular types of activity toys:

1) Hide and Seek Toys: This type of toy is perfect for cats who love to hide. They can run around and hunt for the toy before hiding it somewhere new. Some manufacturers also make versions with bells inside that jingle when played with.

2) Mouse Toy: Cats love playing with moving objects and a mouse is the perfect size for them to grab and toss around. Manufacturers also make vibrating mice that will keep your cat entertained for hours on end.

3) Catnip Toys: When a cat has had their fill of chasing the critters in the garden, coming home to a stash of these soft toys can be just the thing to get them jumping again. Just be sure not to over do it – too much catnip can leave your pet irritable and uninterested in playing.

4) Ball Toy: A large, bouncy ball is great for playing fetch or giving your kitty some exercise while he’s lounging around at home. Make sure you have plenty of balls – one goes fast!

5) Chew Toys: Not all cats like to play with small toys, so find one his size that he can actually chew on – this will keep him busy for hours.

Recommended toys for different activity levels

There is no one right answer to the question of what toys to give your cat. What’s important is that you select toys that will keep them stimulated and entertained, and that are age-appropriate for their abilities. If your cat is a high-energy playmate, choose toys with lots of movement and noise. If your cat prefers quieter moments, select toys that can be quietly played with in one’s hand.

Here are some tips on choosing the right toy for your cat:

For cats who love to play vigorously, choose toys with lots of movement and noise. Toys like balls filled with ping pong balls or small mice can be enjoyed batted around or swatted at. For cats who prefer to sit close by and luxuriate in their company, choose soft plush toys like a stuffed kitty or a remote-controlled toy mouse.

If your cat likes to spend more time perched in one spot or sleeping, consider selecting a toy that they can carry around in their mouth (like a tasty treat) or place inside a crack in a piece of furniture (like a jingly ball).

Whenever possible, try different types of toys to see what sparks the interest of your cat. Beginners may enjoy playing catch with just their hands; more experienced cats may enjoy batting around balls made from softer materials instead.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good book. If your cat prefers quiet moments, provide them with a scratching post designed for use with a toy (like the Kong Classic), or choose a toy that can be played with sans sound (like a sisal-covered ball).

Remember: toys should be age-appropriate for your cat’s abilities. Toys that are too hard for an kitten may cause injury, and toys that are too easy for an experienced cat may become tedious. Instead, choose a toy that is in the middle ground – something that your cat can moderately wield and occasionally surprise you with their mastery of.

Some popular toys for cats include the following:

Balls – Cats love batting around balls made from different materials, like plastic or metal.

Catnip – A favorite toy of many cats, catnip can be enjoyed rolled around in a ball, sprayed onto a toy to make it more bouncy, or sprinkled on the floor for a game of “cat Chase”.

Sisal – A jingly ball made from fiberglass and natural material that many cats adore playing with.

Mouse – A common toy for both kittens and adult cats, a small mouse can be placed inside an hideaway or batted about with paws.

Scratch posts – Made from different materials (like wood or post), scratch posts are great spaces to use a toy without having to bother cleaning up any paw marks.

Kong Classic – A classic scratching post that comes in many designs and sizes, Kongs provide hours of fun for cats of all ages.


Cats have a natural inclination to explore and play. When you give your cat the right toys, they can have hours of fun that will keep them stimulated and avoiding boredom. Make sure to select the right toy for your cat’s age, activity level, and personality type so that they always enjoy playing. Some toys are perfect for cats who love to bat around balls or race around in circles; others are better suited for kitties who prefer sifting through tiny pieces of litter. Pick a toy that is both interesting and challenging for your kitty and watch them have fun!

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