why does my cat try to bury her food

Cats are notorious for their quirky and amusing behaviors, but one puzzling habit that many cat owners have observed is when their furry feline friend tries to bury her food. It’s not uncommon to witness a kitty scrape the floor around her bowl as if attempting to hide its contents from prying eyes.

But why do cats do this? Is it just another inexplicable quirk of our beloved pets? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why cats try to bury their food and uncover the fascinating reasons behind this peculiar behavior.

What is Scent marking?

white dog and gray cat hugging each other on grass

Scent marking is a behavior in which cats use their scent to indicate ownership of a territory, to communicate with other cats, or to attract mates. Territorial marking can involve rubbing against objects or placing urine or feces on them. Cats also often mark their sleeping areas, food reserves, and entrances to the litter box. Some individuals may even markWARN others of danger by spraying a foul-smelling spray.

Some breeds, such as Sphynx cats and Norfolk Rex cats, are particularly good at scent marking.

Why does my cat bury her food?

Some cats bury their food to keep it safe from predators or other animals that might eat it. Burying also helps the cat to remember where her food is so she doesn’t have to search for it. Another reason a cat might bury her food is if she’s not hungry and just wants to hide the food from you.

Some cats might also bury their food if they’re not feeling well. They might feel sick and think burying the food will help to make them feel better.

How can I help my cat with the behavior?

One of the most common behaviors exhibited by cats is burying their food. This can be a sign that your cat is not feeling well, or it could be a sign of their affection for you. Burying their food can also serve as a form of communication with you. Here are some ways that you can help your cat with the behavior:

If your cat is regularly burying their food, try to provide them with a variety of tasty options around the house. This way, they won’t feel obligated to bury their food in order to get your attention. You can also try feeding them through a feeding tube so that they don’t have to touch or bury their food.

If your cat is not eating much else and they are constantly burying their food, you might want to consider getting them checked out by a veterinarian. There could be something wrong with their health that is causing them to bury their food excessively.

The behavior of burying food

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Some cats bury their food to hide it from other cats or humans. Other cats bury their food as a way to clean and cool it down. Burying food can also be an instinctual behavior that is hard to change.

Possible causes of burying food

There are a few reasons why cats might bury their food. Perhaps your cat is demonstrating her feelings of insecurity and feeding behavior may be his way of calming you down or satisfying his hunger without making noise.

Alternatively, if your cat is constantly resource guarding food, burying it may be one way to keep other animals from getting to it. Occasionally, a health problem can cause a cat to bury her food, such as gastrointestinal blockages that reduce the amount of stomach acids used to digest food. Some cats bury their food as part of species-specific behavior

  • for example, burying prey in order to protect it from being scavenged by other predators. If you’re concerned about your cat’s behavior and want to check for potential causes, discuss the issue with your veterinarian.

Solutions to the problem

There can be a variety of reasons why your cat might bury her food. Some cats may bury their food as an instinctive behavior to keep it safe from predators or other animals that might consider eating it.

Others may bury their food as a way of indicating to you that she’s not interested in it and wants you to stop feeding her. Some cats may bury their food as a sign of dominance or to show off their hunting skills. If your cat is burying her food frequently, take a look at the following solutions to see if any of them might help:

If your cat is burying her food for protection, try starting by providing her with a more secure location in which to stash her stash (like inside a toy or under the bed). If that doesn’t work, try making sure there are no easy sources of prey within reach (like open windows or toys that offer access to birds or other animals). If all else fails and your cat still seems determined to bury her food, perhaps enlisting the help of a trained professional like the ASPCA could be helpful.

If your cat is burrowing because she doesn’t want you feeding her anymore, there are a few things you can do in order to encourage her to eat from dishes again: provide her with larger meals several times per day rather than one big meal, tryrationating the types and amounts of meat in her meals, and providing water separately from food so that she has something else to do while waiting for her next meal to come out.

If your cat is burrowing her food to show off her hunting skills, try giving her some toys that she can play with while you’re not home so that she doesn’t have an opportunity to bury the food inside them. Alternatively, you could try buying her some toys that are specifically designed not to offer cover for food storage (like a laser pointer or a plastic toy cucumber).

Causes of Burying Food

There may be a number of reasons why your cat tries to bury her food. She might be trying to keep it safe from other cats or animals, or she might simply enjoy the process of disposing of her food in this way. There are also a few potential health risks associated with burying food, so it’s important to weigh these factors against your cat’s natural instincts before allowing her to get too carried away with her hiding habits.

There are a few potential reasons why your cat might bury her food. One possibility is that she’s trying to conserve energy, since burying her food means she won’t have to dig it up again. Another reason is that she may be feeling anxious or threatened – burying her food can serve as a way of hiding from danger. If your cat regularly buries her food, you might want to try and figure out the reason behind it, and consider adopting some behavioral tactics to help manage her anxiety.

Tips to Prevent Your Cat from Burying Food

There are a few ways to discourage your cat from burying her food. One is to keep her food in one spot where she can see it all the time. Another is to either clip her nails short or give her a treat when she finishes eating. If you notice your cat burying her food, try to distract her with another activity, like playing fetch or giving her a big piece of meat.

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to your cat’s health, so here are a few tips to help keep them from burying their food:

-Make sure the food you’re providing is fresh and has no mold or pieces of dried food. If your cat has a tendency to bury their food, make sure they have an adequate supply of fresh kibble on hand at all times.

-Walk around the house during mealtime and watch your cat for signs that they might be planning to bury their food. If you see them start to dig a small hole in the ground, get them away from the spot immediately and offer them some tasty kibble instead.

-If you see your cat bury any type of edible item, like meat or fruits, take action right away! Most times cats will eat something that’s been buried voluntarily after burying it for only a short period of time but if it’s an object that’s unsafe to eat like bones or hairs (which can contain toxoplasmosis), then do not let your cat near it and call a veterinarian as soon as possible.


Cat owners know all too well the struggle to get their kitty to eat her food. Sometimes she just doesn’t want anything to do with her dish, and other times she tries to bury it so you can’t see it. But why does kitty do this?

Turns out there’s a reason: cats are hunters and they’re trying to teach their human counterparts that feeding time should be a high-energy event. By burying her prey, the cat is telling you that this meal is worth your effort, which will help encourage you to feed her more often.

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